The biggest difference between Personal and Professional Coaching is the goal you seek. Both start out the same, with the initial session stating the goals you want to achieve and creating a plan of attack. Both can utilize hypnosis, a valuable tool in creating a bond between us and in helping you see what you can expect of the future (after my coaching). Research shows that goals can be reached as much as 9 times faster using hypnosis over traditional methods of coaching.

If your goal is for changes in your personal life more than your professional life, we will utilize Personal Coaching. We will work on things such as motivation, better health, eating right, exercise goals and work-out plans. We will work on ridding yourself of any bad habits that hold you back from reaching your goals. We will focus on self confidence, understanding yourself, increased empathy towards others and becoming more mindful.

As your Professional Coach, I will help with increased job focus, better work motivation and setting higher work goals. We will focus on becoming a better employee or employer, eliminating procrastination and increasing your self confidence in the work place. Better focus and any other goals and changes that you feel are necessary to enhance your professional life will also be explored.

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Personal vs. Professional Coaching

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