"Talk about a leap of faith, this is how I feel all the time. Right in the middle, if that makes sense. 

Great picture and overall feeling of where I'm at. It's on my iPad and desktop homescreen. 

The fear and anxiety at this point in time , meaning the picture is what I'm trying to get away from.  Seems like I'm always right there. WOW! You continue to amaze me. But I am taking the first steps toward a better life. More fun, more success and more confidence. It just takes time."

I've been honored to work with a number of amazing men and women over the years. Each one has their own story and I always appreciate hearing about their experience with me. Here is what some of them have said . . . 

"Thank you, your hypnosis it has made me more body and mind confident."


"I've learned many things in life because of your help in getting past some blocks. Things are the best they've ever been and I am learning to live happy rather than anxious."


"Who all else is doing this? If you're not, I'd really suggest you consider it. I've never found anything more effective."


"You really ought to get hypnotized by him in person. Definitely life changing and goal reaching."

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Coach Jim, Mind Coach